Solar Battery Back-Up

Solar panel systems depend upon the sun to turn light into the electricity. In turn that power is then used to keep your appliances and electrical devices running. So what about at night? This is where a good solar Battery back up system comes in. The solar battery kicks in when there is no sun out or there’s a blackout. To truly be energy independent, we will highly recommend adding a proper battery back-up system. Having a battery integrated into your solar system  will store energy for when there is no grid power available. No matter what the sun visibility is, the solar battery back-up option allows you to always have adequate power in reserves.

Energy Storage

A Solar Solutions battery back-up will store up enough energy to power your house at night or when there’s bad weather causing low sunlight. Our battery options save excess energy from during the day for use when sunlight is not so abundant. Depending on the power requirements at your home, we will help you choose the size of the battery you need with your Solar energy system. Most homes only need 1 battery however the Tesla Powerwall allows up to 10 units stacked to meet extreme needs. having  power available on tap 24/7 is more than a nice option to avoid having to throw out the milk. If you  rely on medical devices a blackout could be much more serious.

Weather Changes

In adverse weather conditions, the amount of energy you received through the sun is obviously diminished. There will therefore be less energy storage in battery back-up when there is no sun. Our back-up battery systems will accommodate this challenge with a convenient and easy mobile app. Here you will have access to custom settings to maximize savings and control when you draw power from the grid. From your phone you control your systems energy usage and monitor production in real time to maximize your energy independence. In addition you can relax knowing that during a utility outage our battery will automatically take over. Our Batteries will also work in conjunction with a few panels as a standalone power source for off the grid applications!

Solar Battery Back-up

We highly recommended all  homeowners invest in a back-up battery system to accommodate the power requirement of their property. Many Municipalities around the country are writing it into building code to ease the burden on the electrical grid. Most homes only require one battery, however a large house may need 2 to 3 batteries to power your home. To determine the number of batteries your home needs you need to consider several factors, or you can simply Give us a call.

Connectivity and Reliability

At Solar Solutions San Antonio we offer you the best Solar battery back-up systems the industry has to offer.  We are happy to assist you every step of the way to determine what size Solar battery backup system best suits your needs. Once the system is installed and tied into your panel system, we will even show you how to control everything from your smart phone. We do not stop there though. Solar Solutions also provides repair and maintenance of the batteries. So relax and know your covered by our bulletproof 25 year warranty on all components should any malfunction occur. All solar batteries offered have the best ratings in the industry for  reliability. Don’t get left in the dark next time the power goes out, call us now to see how much you could save today

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