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Get the solar solutions for your property you need to save money and benefit from tax rebates and incentives, with Solar Solutions of San Antonio.

If you are feeling the sting of increasingly expensive energy bills and are looking to save money, have you considered solar energy? Perhaps in the past when you have searched for “solar contractors near me” and “solar companies in San Antonio” and were put off by the price of installing residential solar power systems.

If you have, at Solar Solutions of San Antonio, we are here to tell you that while it may have been the case in the past that a home solar system required a significant investment, a lot has changed over the last decade. 

Understanding Solar Panel Installation Savings

It’s all down to a combination of the prices of solar panels decreasing, while the federal tax and incentives and rebates available have been increasing, including the federal solar tax credit, which is now set at 26%.

The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly, by around 36%, over just five years. As if that wasn’t enough incentive, many local utility companies are offering to cover 50% of the solar panel installation costs on behalf of residential customers.

Navigating through the solar energy market can be intimidating and overwhelming, which is why you need a local solar company that has the experience and knowledge of all things related to solar energy. A company like Solar Solutions of San Antonio. 

Solar Energy

    We are proud to Service Bexar, Guadalupe, Comal, and Kendall County

    About Solar Solutions of San Antonio

    Solar Solutions are a highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable solar panel installation company serving the greater San Antonio area. Although we are smaller than many of our competitors, we feel that gives us a bit of an edge and makes us stand out. While still providing the best solar panel solutions, we can provide a more customer-focused service. As proud San Antonio residents ourselves, this is more than just a business for us – it is something we are passionate about and we want to help as many of our neighbors to benefit from our solar solutions as possible.

    Indeed, we may still be a relatively young company, but we have already established a sterling reputation delivering high-quality solar power systems for unbeatable prices.

    How Solar Power Actually Works

    Before we go any further, despite its popularity, we know that many people are still unsure about how solar power actually works. Without going into too many details and technicalities, it is very easy to understand. Solar panels are designed to absorb energy from the sun’s rays and then convert that into thermal energy that can be used to generate electricity. That electricity is then used by your home’s electrical system to power everything in your home from your television, fridge, and electric stove to your central heating, lighting, and hot water heater.

    As you know, San Antonio is an area that has no shortage of sunlight and warm weather, making it the ideal location to benefit from solar power. However, you can still benefit from solar power even when the sun’s not out, with the help of our Solar power battery backup system.

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    How We Help You to Go Solar

    If you want solar panels installed on your San Antonio property, speak to one of our team here at Solar Solutions today. While it’s always helpful if our customers have done some research into solar energy before contacting us, we don’t expect you to understand the ins and outs of what is frankly, quite an overwhelming and intimidating topic Rather, we will guide you through every step in the process of choosing the solar power solution that is right for you and will handle all aspects of the solar installation for you. 

    The Best Brands in the entire Solar Industry for less

    As renewable energy sources are our passion as much as they are our business, we do not believe in cutting corners when it comes to choosing the suppliers of our equipment and materials. We only ever use the best of the best. Whereas some companies may try to reduce costs and provide solar solutions and systems that are of inferior quality, we feel it’s a false economy, because when you use inferior quality materials and equipment, you do not get the same efficiency and longevity. 

    Solar San Antonio

    “I just moved to the New Braunfels  area and was looking for professional solar companies who could provide alternative energy sources, give me the rundown on the advantages of solar energy, and general solar solutions. I finally called Solar Solution, who are really friendly to me as a first-time customer and were able to give me more information on the variety of solar incentives, what’s included in a solar system, in the most efficient solar panels they had to offer. I highly recommend them if you’re in the market for solar energy for your home!” – Ashlee R.

    Solar Panel Installation Made Easy

    As well as our insistence on using the best materials and equipment, one of the major benefits of working with Solar Solutions of San Antonio is that we make getting solar panels for your home incredibly quick and easy.

    We handle everything from the start of the process to the finishing touches. You can expect a highly professional, prompt service from all of our team, whether it’s our solar energy contractors, electricians, or roofers. They are all working towards the same goal and do so in an organized and efficient manner.

    Although we don’t anticipate there being any major issues throughout the project, we will always be easy to contact to discuss the progress of your solar panel system installation or any concerns you have.


    Fortunately, most straightforward solar panel installations will only take 8 hours to complete, so we won’t be in your hair for very long. 

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    Our Solar Installation Services and Solar Panel Systems Are Tailored to Your Needs

    As a proud San Antonio company, we are always aiming to offer the very best service we can for the best prices. We appreciate the fact that no two solar panel installation projects are never exactly the same, so we don’t treat them as such. Rather, we design each solar energy system to meet the specific needs and requirements of the client. Therefore, we will never oversell, neither will we under-deliver. The whole purpose of choosing solar panels for your home, after all, is to save money on your utility bills, not spend more on a system that is more than you need. 

    Solar Installation

    What’s Involved in Solar Panel Installation From Solar Solutions of San Antonio?

    The first step in the solar panel installation process through Solar Solutions of San Antonio starts with a consultation and assessment appointment where one of our team will visit your property. During this appointment, our professional solar contractor will determine if a solar power system is appropriate for your property and its location.

    They will then offer a recommendation for the size of the solar panel system you will need based on your energy requirements. When all the details of what you need are finalized, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote. If you agree to the quoted price, we will then arrange a time for our solar panel installation crew to come out to your property and install your money-saving energy alternative.

    As we are focused on providing the best service we possibly can, we make a point of not subcontracting any of our work, so when you hire us for your solar energy system installation, it will only be contractors and tradesmen directly employed by Solar Solutions who will work on your project.

    From the start of the project to its completion, our team will work tirelessly mounting the solar panels, wiring the system, connecting the battery back-up and the inverter. You can have full confidence in the ability and skill of our team as they have many years of experience.

    Aftercare is a crucial aspect of our services, and before we leave you to enjoy those savings on your energy usage you are undoubtedly going to make with our systems in place, we will run a full diagnostics check. All fixings, connections, and crucial components will be double-checked before we get to the best part of our work – switching on your new solar power system.


    There is nothing more rewarding than watching our customers switch on their system and watching their electricity meter stop. 

    Solar Battery Back-up

    One of the biggest benefits of investing in solar panels through Solar Solutions of San Antonio, which is popular among our customers is the reliable battery backup. As amazing as solar power is, it does have one major downside that is normally not a problem but still one you need to consider – when the sun is not out in all its glory or there are adverse weather conditions, solar power systems can be affected. That can mean power outages or systems not working to the same levels that they should.


    However, with solar battery backup, that is not a problem. Solar backup batteries collect and store energy from the sun when the weather is good. That stored energy can then be relied upon when there is not enough power to generate the solar panels from the sun’s rays. 

    Bye the way, this set up is also a popular option for rural off the grid applications and hunting cabins.

    Solar Battery Back-Up

    “I operate a commercial property in Universal City and I’ve been using Solar Solutions for all of our solar needs for many years. They’re a great team with friendly professionals who really know what they’re doing when it comes to solar energy. I had always wondered before, “Are solar panels worth it?” but, after working with them, I can definitely say they are!” – Janet T.

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    Is Solar Energy Right for You?

    There is no denying the popularity of solar panel installation among homeowners and business owners throughout the country. Rather than being something of a gimmick like it was many years ago, it is a very real solution to the rising costs of traditional forms of electricity and heating. So much so that many local authorities around the country are making solar paneling mandatory within their building codes.


    You may wonder, though, “is a home solar system really right for me?” and “how much do solar panels in San Antonio cost?”. We come across these questions all the time. While we could spend a lot of discussing the various aspects of solar installation projects that determine the cost, while also discussing the various savings could make and the tax rebates you could qualify to offset the initial cost of installation, the only real way you are going to know if it’s right for you is by arranging for a consultation and assessment appointment. 

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    Solar Panels for Your Home

    Aside from the obvious and direct benefits of saving money on your monthly and yearly energy bills, there are several other great benefits you can gain from investing in solar panels for your home. They can increase the value and curb appeal of your property. Even if you are not intending on selling any time soon, this is worth bearing in mind from an investment point of view.

    There are also a variety of city, state, and federal financial incentives offered for switching from traditional energy sources to solar and other green alternatives. These can help offset the initial expense of solar panel installation.


    For more information about the benefits of investing in solar panels for your home, speak to one of the team here at Solar Solutions of San Antonio today. 

    “I really wanted to go solar with green energy but I didn’t know how to get started. I called the team at Solar Solution for more advice and they were so nice and informative! Not only did they tell me why a solar power system would be a great alternative energy source, but they also told me more ways on how to save money when I switched!” – Lorena W.

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    If you are interested in finding out more about our solar panel services, how solar panel installations could help your home and save you money on your energy bills, get in contact with one of our team today. This is fast, easy, and convenient and can be done by giving us a call or filling out the contact form on this site.

    We are proud to offer Solar to our friends and neighbors in the following service area

    As a San Antonio-based solar panel installation company, we offer our professional and high-quality services throughout San Antonio and the surrounding areas. That includes:

    ·         Bexar County (San Antonio, Converse, Live Oak, Universal City, Selma, Castle Hills, Timberwood Park, Hollywood Park, Shavano Park, Lean Valley, Balcones Heights, Alamo Heights, Kirby, St. Hedwig)

    ·         Guadalupe County (Seguin, Kingsbury, New Berlin, McQueeney)

    ·         Comal County (New Braunfels, Gruene, Bulverde, Spring Branch, Canyon Lake)

    ·         Kendal County (Boerne, Comfort, China Grove, Lackland AFB, Helotes, Grey Forest, Adkins, Elmendorf, Losoya, Calaveras, Somerset, Van Ormy, Macdona, Lytle, Lacoste, Castroville, Dunlay, Quihi, Hondo, Rio Medina, Mico, Lakehills, Bandera Falls, Pipe Creek, Bandera, Fair Oaks Ranch, Welfare, Hunter, Redwood, Martindale, San Marcos, Fentress, Prairie Lea, Geronimo, Leesville, Nixon, Pandora, Stockdale, Sutherland Springs, La Vernia)


    This is not an exhaustive list. If your particular area is not listed above and you would like to benefit from our solar panel installation services, contact us today to find out if we can accommodate you. 


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